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  1. What is a Lifestyle Recovery Plan?
    We all understand the importance of protecting our home and our belongings. Unfortunately, most people underestimate the effort, the time and the... read more
  2. Is Your Family Crisis-Ready?
    Natural disasters are a part of our lives and touch us more often than we’d care to admit. Whether it is fire, flood... read more
  3. Is Your Business Crisis-Ready?
    There are many types of emergencies that can affect your business – flood, fire, accident, grievous acts, computer malfunctions, damage... read more
  4. Are your Communications Safeguarded?
    Critical communication issues constantly affect your business – accidental disclosures, intellectual property loss or theft, grievous acts,... read more
  5. Overseas Cloud Privacy
    Federal Government to crack down on businesses saving data to the 'cloud' because of privacy concerns Fears are looming that the privacy of... read more
  6. Saropa Cloud Backup Solution
    What is Saropa Cloud Storage? If one of your servers crashed at the end of a business day, today - what is the cost... read more


  1. General Insurance – An Overview
    Insurance provides you with a way to deal with the risk of financial loss which has occurred through an unexpected event. Insurance doesn’t remove... read more
  2. Home & Building Insurance
    Building insurance provides cover to make repairs or rebuild if your home is damaged or destroyed by specific events, such as fire, flood... read more
  3. Don’t get Burnt by Underinsurance
    Each year, many Australians risk their most precious possessions by not having adequate insurance. They take these risks believing, ‘it won’t happen... read more


  1. Dispute Resolution - When things go wrong
    Losing valuable or precious possessions can be traumatic enough without having to then battle with your insurer when making a claim. While using... read more
  2. Making a Claim - Hints & Tips
    We all take out insurance hoping that we will never have to make a claim, but when disaster strikes, it may be difficult... read more
  3. The General Insurance Code of Practice
    The Code of Practice is the general insurance industry’s promise to be open, fair and honest in the way it deals with all customers... read more


  1. Peace of Mind for your Possessions
    When it comes to home and contents insurance, the cheapest price isn’t always the best policy. While it is important to shop around... read more
  2. Travel Safe
    Taking a well-earned break and travelling overseas can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful if something goes wrong. If... read more
  3. Landlords - Protect your Property
    Over half a million Australian households have an investment rental property, but many may not realize they could be taking a risk on their... read more


  1. Simple Will Traps
    In today’s modern society, simply having a Will is not sufficient. Just because you have a Will does not mean that your affairs... read more
  2. Is Your Will Good Enough?
    The Simple Wills available to the public can often create more problems than they solve, because they are not professionally drafted. Certain clauses... read more
  3. Superannuation and your Will
    In many cases superannuation is one of the first assets to be omitted from a Will that is not comprehensive in nature. Unfortunately there... read more


  1. 10 tips for keeping your home and contents secure
    Did you know one in 10 Australian households has no security measures in place? 11% of Australian households has no security measures in place,... read more
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