Is your Business Crisis-Ready? (Business Recovery)

Your business must recover quickly from an unplanned disruption with minimal impact on data, revenue, and profits while protecting customer relationships

Many types of emergencies can affect your business - flood, fire, accident, grievous acts, computer malfunctions, damage to adjacent property - the list is endless.

Every year most businesses experience serious incidents that prevent them from continuing normal operations. This can happen on any day and at any time. The potential incidents can be natural or artificial, including power outages and water damage, or computer malfunctions and malicious acts.

As a business owner, your responsibility is to reduce both the risk and impact should the worst occur. Having a contingency plan that includes an Online Disaster Recovery Plan / Online Business Continuity Plan (O-DRP / O-BCP) keeps your business running in the event of a local emergency or major disaster.

All businesses are dependent upon services or products provided by others. This dependence can be an Achilles heel as far as continuity is concerned. O-DRP / O-BCP gives key staff the ability to very quickly contact your key clients, check supplier service level agreements (SLAs), and protect intellectual property.

Have you ever considered the non-financial cost that a major emergency will have on your business? The loss or destruction of hard-earned assets and their effect on health and wellbeing cannot be overstated.

It’s often not until a claim is experienced that the value of business assets is found to be drastically underestimated. Only then, business owners realize that underinsurance means a wide gap between the insured policy value and actual recovery cost. Having accurate proof of ownership speeds up the claims process, and ensures you are correctly reimbursed.

Business Essentials is the solution for your business to create the ultimate source of essential business information when you need it most.

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