Counsel Fibr (Corporate)

Schedule online consultations and moderate group discussions with your clients

Do you feel that forums, message boards and ticket trackers are not interactive and powerful enough to service your group sessions?

Having a communication medium that allows your business to provide secure instant interactive group consulting services will improve client experience and reduce service time.

Securely service group sessions and transform sessions into case studies.

Key features:

  • Easy-Reference Case History (Searchable)
  • Temporary and Permanent Client Bans
  • Discrete Moderation (manual and automatic)
  • Follow-up Message Flags
  • Hierarchical Messages (Threading)
  • Internal Staff Messages (not public)
  • Future Session Booking
  • User Avatars (Picture & Public Name)
  • Audit trail and compliance controls

Counsel Fibr is the secure discussion channel with your clients.

Click on the pictures above to view screens recorded live.

Need to Know...

  • Secure interactive service
  • Public and private responses
  • Schedule future session times

Suitable for...

  • Advice Consultant and Coaches
  • Survey and Research Houses
  • Counselling and Group Advice

Having a communication platform that captures and protects your interactions allows your internal and external stakeholders to trust their information is always protected.

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