Home Essentials (Corporate)

How would your family recover from a crisis if it happened TODAY?

When the unthinkable happens, fire, theft, storm or accidents, the heartache of losing precious belongings turns to devastation when we are unable to prove ownership and insurance doesn’t cover the replacement costs.

In a crisis, at home or away, would your family be able to:

  • Contact everyone who needs alerting?
  • Retrieve emergency and disaster plans?
  • Find medical info and emergency contact details?
  • Access policy and finance details?
  • Prove what you own in a claim?
  • Recover precious photos and papers?

Your family can only be Crisis-Ready when it has a detailed record of the things you care about, so that you can quickly get life back to normal.

Home Essentials, from Saropa©, is a crisis management website with both a fast & simple design for those with limited computer literacy and powerful features for the detail minded.

Home Essentials is your family’s essential lifestyle backup plan.

Click on the pictures above to view screens recorded live.

Home Essentials protects your family 24x7 with:

  • Asset inventory and media storage
  • Finance and insurance policy tracker
  • Emergency contact address book
  • Health, medical and lifestyle records

Your Home Essentials account is easy to setup and maintain. It comes with three (3) accounts for family members and a detailed getting-started guide.

Need to Know...

  • Protects your family 24x7 - at home or away
  • Check insurance coverage and prove ownership
  • Lifestyle Recovery Planning for households

Suitable for...

  • Householders with irreplaceable assets and memories
  • Condition reports for renters, new homeowners and growing families
  • Collectors, Antiquarians and Hobbyists

Home Essentials is your family’s secure website to plan, protect and recover from any disaster or family crisis.

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More features

More information and additional features are available to all Saropa account holders.

Saropa is the private crisis community for you and the people you trust. With powerful, practical and straightforward features, it is your place to start when things in life go wrong.

Always free for individuals, small businesses & non‑profits - with paid premium features when you're ready, and commercial options for larger organizations.

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