Project Fibr (Corporate)

Managing Feedback and Stakeholder Needs is the most important tool for your business

Do you have difficultly collecting and consolidating requirements, or managing feedback from the many multiple stakeholders of your business?

Having a communication medium that captures all the collaborative feedback - in one place - allows stakeholders to vote and agree on each individual item within the requirement is a critical process for a business case to succeed.

Use Project Fibr to build a live requirement document for your business case via collaborative feedback and voting.

Key features:

  • Fast and Interactive Ticket Tracking
  • Completion Time Tracking (Service Metrics)
  • Personal Watchlists and Update Alerts
  • Version Controlled File Attachments (w/ Preview)
  • Granular Message Voting & Ratings

Project Fibr is the secure discussion channel with your clients.

Click on the pictures above to view screens recorded live.

Advanced features:

  • Scheduled Feedback Discussions
  • Session Duplicator (copy issues)
  • Pre-configured Service Templates
  • Online Survey, Quiz & Questionnaire Tools
  • Pre-Session Checklists (Client Qualification)
  • Email Invitations and SMS 'nudges'
  • Paste Board (Multi-Session Private Notes)
  • Integrated Web Media (audio, video, desktop)
  • Email and WebService job logging

Need to Know...

  • Real-time requirements for your projects
  • Collect input from stakeholders
  • Vote and prioritize requirements

Suitable for...

  • Work Requests and Ticket Tracking
  • Project Centres and Dispersed Teams
  • Enterprise Websites and Intranet Deployments

Having a communication platform allows stakeholders to manage their own issues and reduce your service delivery times.

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