Property Fibr (Corporate)

Managing landlord and tennant needs is the most important activity in your business

Do you have difficulty collecting and consolidating work requests, or managing issues from the many multiple stakeholders of your business?

Having a communication medium that captures all the requests - in one place - allows stakeholders to track and agree on each individual item is critical for strata and property management businesses to run efficiently.

Use Property Fibr to build a live maintenance schedule for your properties via collaborative feedback and voting.

Key features:

  • Fast and Interactive Work Request Tracking
  • Completion Time Tracking (Service Metrics)
  • Watchlists and Update Alerts
  • Full Audit Trail (with Caller ID)
  • Version Controlled File Attachments (w/ Preview)
  • Granular Work Request Voting
  • Moderated group discussions over time or real-time

Property Fibr is the secure discussion channel with your clients.

Click on the pictures above to view screens recorded live.

Advanced features:

  • Schedule Future Request Discussions
  • Work Request Replicator (copy & paste)
  • Pre-configured Service Templates
  • Online Survey, Quiz & Questionnaire Tools
  • Upload File Attachments (Rescindable)

Need to Know...

  • Capture work requests and respond in real-time
  • Open safe channels between your stakeholders
  • Vote, prioritize & authorise work requests

Suitable for...

  • Strata Managers and Body Corporates
  • Real Estate rental offices and Hospitality front desks
  • Geographically diverse property managers

Having a communication platform that captures and protects your interactions allows your internal and external stakeholders to trust their information is always protected.

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