Sales Fibr (Corporate)

Strengthening client bonds is the most important activity in your business

Do you feel that forums and message boards are not interactive and powerful enough to service your group sessions? Is your website helping your business to build strong bonds with existing and potential clients? Do you feel that phone and email is not enough for your business to connect with existing and potential clients?

Turn a currently passive 'contact us' page in your website into an active sales/service tool for your business to connect with your existing and future clients.

Use Sales Fibr to build stronger bonds with your customers and clients, and open a secure connection to service them online.

Key features:

  • Virtual Public Call Center
  • Call Queuing System (predictive wait times)
  • Out of Office Answering Machine
  • Full Audit Trail (with Caller ID)
  • Smart Web Buttons (Branded)
  • Setup Operating Hours
  • Unmanned Queue Alert Emails

Sales Fibr is the secure discussion channel with your clients.

Click on the pictures above to view screens recorded live.

Advanced features:

  • Automatic Caller Queue Groups
  • Call Transfer and File Notes
  • Suspend and Resume calls
  • Upload File Attachments (Rescindable)
  • Client Accounts (Assigned or Self Service)
  • Smart Queues (Operator Skill Matching)
  • Virtual Assistant (Response Suggestions)
  • Supervisor Accounts (View or Intervene)
  • Service Multiple Businesses Centrally
  • Integrated Knowledge Base (Online Help)

Need to Know...

  • Capture sales inquiries and respond in real-time
  • Open new channels to your clients and suppliers
  • Interactive contact pages and answering service

Suitable for...

  • I.T. and Product Help Desks
  • National and Regional servicing Call Centres
  • Virtual Receptionists

Having a communication platform that captures and protects your interactions allows your internal and external stakeholders to trust their information is always protected.

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