Disaster Recovery - The Clean Up (Lifestyle Recovery)

Being stranded in the event of an emergency is something we all hope never happens to us but once the storm has passed, where does the clean up begin?

It is important to know best practices when dealing with essentials such as:

  • Returning to affected buildings

    For your safety you should wait until hazards have been cleared, basic needs are available and the site is declared safe.

  • Utilities

    You will need to find out the contact details in case of fallen power lines, power outages or water disrruptions.

  • Pools and water tanks

    After a flood disaster you’ll need to restore your swimming or spa pool from contaminants before it’s safe to use again. Rainwater tanks and bore water holding tanks are also likely to contain harmful organisms and not be suitable for normal use.

  • Floodwater contamination

    Floodwater is often contaminated by sewage and by agricultural or industrial wastes and chemicals that cause wound infections, dermatitis, conjunctivitis or ear, nose and throat infections.

  • Mould

    Breathing in, eating, drinking or touching mould can cause health problems, especially for people with asthma, sensitivities or allergies. Remove mould safely and take action to stop or minimise mould growth.

  • Asbestos

    Learn about how to deal with asbestos if you’re involved with clean up and recovery of buildings damaged by natural disasters.

Learn more about best practices when cleanbing up after a disaster by following the link(s) below.


  1. Cleaning up ( qld.gov.au)

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