Emergency Preparedness and Response (Lifestyle Recovery)

If you are given a 15 minute warning, what would you need?

Have you experienced a disaster or crisis recently? They tend to do exactly what the word emergency implies: throw your life into disarray.

There are simple ways to organise yourself and your family for whatever the emergency may be, ensuring you don’t become overwhelmed and underprepared.

All it takes is a little time, so start gathering your information:

  • Collect all necessary personal documentation i.e passports, licenses, bank details, insurance details, phone numbers, medical information
  • Make digital copies of important documents
  • Prepare and rehearse an emergency evacuation plan
  • Make note of local aid centres
  • Learn to utilise the media - tv, radio and social media are valuable tools in keeping you up to date and informed
  • Have a back up plan so you have alternative due to unforseen events


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  3. Home Fire Safety ( fire.nsw.gov.au)