What is a Lifestyle Recovery Plan? (Lifestyle Recovery)

Every lifestyle recovery plan requires 4 key pieces of a larger jigsaw puzzle.

We all understand the importance of protecting our home and our belongings. Unfortunately, most people underestimate the effort, the time and the emotional cost involved in recovering the disastrous effects that a serious home related catastrophe. Recovering from such a misfortune requires more than just an up to date insurance plan.

Disaster recovery implies exactly what it says, recovering quickly, with simplicity and grace, the life that you had before adversity took away your control.

Every lifestyle recovery plan requires 4 key pieces of a larger jigsaw puzzle.

Emergency and advice network

Trusted networks of people including your family, neighbours, close friends, doctor, accountant, lawyer and financial planner or broker are important to have listed and stored for emergencies. Health condition reports for your children are handy when quick access is required for baby sitters and emergency health care professionals. A connected network of friends and family provides the support every family needs to recover from serious mishaps.

Your current insurance plans

Having to recover from a lifestyle threatening disaster might be impossible for most of us without the financial support of an up to date insurance plan. Make sure you seek good advice from professionals before you purchase any insurance product. For information and further reading on this topic go to our articles section.

A Home Inventory

An important step toward building a recovery plan is being able to prove ownership of the things you are insuring. This will provide you with the peace of mind that:

  1. you have purchased the right amount of insurance
  2. that you can identify each item by name, model and serial number
  3. that months later you will not suffer the sinking feeling that you have forgotten a very important family item

An asset registry or home inventory speeds up the claims process and puts in no doubt, the items that you need to have replaced. It keeps everyone honest and better ensures your successful recovery back into a normal lifestyle.

Intangible Insurance

No amount of insurance can replace some items in your home. Your wedding photos, high school certificate or snaps of your children's first few steps are usually more valuable than anything else in the home. Family memories and papers need protection as much as other home contents do.

Take the time to scan family papers and old photos and back up your important digital images and beware of photo sharing websites as many downgrade the resolution of each photo that you upload. Images loaded into these sites cannot be restored to the same high resolution that you need to recover and reprint from. Only store your precious memories under secure, high resolution storage services.

Where does Saropa Home Essentials fit?

Home Essentials plays an important role in every lifestyle recovery plan. It acts as an essential companion to your current insurance planning by providing purpose built, secure management of all your home related intellectual property including asset registry services, secure high resolution photo and document storage, emergency contact management and a range of other services including warnings and alerts that keep you informed to important events inside your registry. Home Essentials complies with current Australian Privacy Legislation and is fully encrypted for your information security.

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