Saropa® Contacts

“3rd Party Connection Matters”

Saropa is a replacement address book that is cloud-connected to real people and businesses and focused on your trusted emergency groups. Our mission is reduce the impact of every crisis everywhere.

In an emergency, get real-time access to all the important people, companies, and services you need - even if you don't know them personally, or if they're not where you expect them to be.

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Saropa Contacts: Your Ultimate Connection Hub

  • Map Explorer: Beyond the basics, Saropa’s Map Explorer feature lets you zoom in on your local community. See not only your contacts but also the people right on your street and in your neighborhood. Whether it’s a friendly neighbor or a nearby business, Saropa ensures you’re well-connected.
  • Astrological Digest: Saropa doesn’t stop at contact details. It’s your cosmic companion too! Get reminders about major changes in zodiac periods. Curious about your contacts’ astrological signs? Saropa’s got you covered with insights into their Gregorian zodiac, Chinese zodiac, and numerology.
  • Emergency Preparedness: When emergencies strike, Saropa shines. Create your own customized emergency contact lists. Find local medical professionals, whether they’re just around the corner or across the globe. Saropa ensures you’re never alone during critical moments.
  • Smart Calendars: Saropa isn’t just about today—it’s about time travel! Create smart calendars that span both past and future. Remember birthdays, anniversaries, and important events. Whether you’re celebrating or planning ahead, Saropa keeps you organized.
  • Family Networks: Saropa’s magic extends to family bonds. Automatically discover connections—matching spouse anniversaries, parent-child relationships, and even distant relations. Your family tree comes alive within Saropa.
  • Stay Connected: Juggling hobby groups, work circles, and social pals? Saropa integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp, Telegram, email, and SMS text. Keep the conversation flowing effortlessly.
  • Notable Personalities: Saropa’s VIP Lounge introduces you to a diverse cast of notable people. From TV and movie celebrities to great philosophers and scientists, religious leaders, political figures, and sports icons—connect with the world’s movers and shakers.
  • Healthier Interactions: Worried about unhealthy influences? Saropa has your back. Set notices to warn you before contacting certain individuals. You can even lock contacts behind hardware bio-screening for added peace of mind.

More than just an address book— Saropa Contacts is your personal network navigator. Imagine having a cloud-connected companion that seamlessly links real people, companies, and emergency groups.

Our mission? To empower you and reduce the impact of crises everywhere.

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