Jumpstart your small business (Business Recovery)

Tips for the entrepreneur striving for growth and innovation

Good marketing isn’t rocket science, your only investment is time.

Whether you have just begun or you have been in business for years, here are five tips to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Get their Email

    Collect your client’s email addresses by giving them a reason to sign up, such as notifications of sales and product sneak peeks.

  2. Ask for Reviews

    Methodically ask happy clients to leave reviews on aggregator websites and social media.

  3. Help your Community and your Community will help you

    Getting behind local causes can prompt editorial mentions both online and in print media.

  4. Change it up

    Change your marketing messages or promotional material to attract attention. Make note of which changes work and whcih don’t.

  5. Learn from your Customers

    Make your customers happy by asking for short answers to simple questions about your business, products and how you operate.


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