About Us (General)

Learn more about Saropa Pty Ltd - the financial technology company and a leading provider of online disaster recovery solutions

Innovation is our strength. It defines the approach to everything we do.

Saropa Pty Limited is a technology company established in 2010. We have a strong background in financial services, online security and secure web communications.

Our team have extensive experience in top-tier financial technology and we are passionate believers in personal risk management. We are engaged and excited about our vision for family security and this encourages our culture of innovation.

We have created partnerships with experienced organizations to provide risk management solutions to their clients.

Our long experience history in financial technology presents us with a great opportunity to bring better advice, tools and financial literacy opportunities to all people.

Our Mission

We strive to give our members the peace of mind that if a disaster strikes, their detailed plan enables them to:

  • Contact the most important people to reduce the stress of others
  • Print reports itemizing everything that has been damaged, stolen or lost
  • Prove exactly what they own with serial numbers, photos and purchase details
  • Ensure that key contact names and numbers are on hand
  • Electronically recover precious photos, documents and certificates
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More information and additional features are available to all Saropa account holders.

Saropa is the private crisis community for you and the people you trust. With powerful, practical and straightforward features, it is your place to start when things in life go wrong.

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