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Whatever crisis you are trying to manage, Saropa has free and paid options that will connect together all the important people in your extended emergency network.

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For individuals and families


In a crisis, quickly reach everyone who needs alerting with real-time contact details:

  • Retrieve plans for emergencies, pandemics and business succession?
  • Manage critical activities to keep your business running smoothly?
  • Business continuity scheduler and disaster recovery planning
  • Emergency and crisis services
  • Household lifestyle recovery plans
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Everything in Essential plus features for small businesses & not-for-profits

Business Units

Lessen the impact of business continuity incidents with a particular focus on commercial operations:

  • Organizational units, resource units & work groups of any size
  • Permanent, part-time & temporary teams
  • Corporate, government & non-for-profit sectors
  • Project teams and granular responsibilities
  • Locations, offices & virtual spaces
  • Internal, external & public communications
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Everything in Business , extended with a first class suite for enterprise & power users

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Saropa is the private crisis community for you and the people you trust. With powerful, practical and straightforward features, it is your place to start when things in life go wrong.

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Yes! With no catches or exceptions, your data stays yours and we do not share it without your explicit permission. If you like our service then we hope that you tell your friends and colleagues, and upgrade to a Premium account.

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"Instant connections between stakeholders makes management a breeze - and our clients love the simplicity" - Josh Stedman, UnderCTRL

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"These are the sort of service features that help our practice stand-out from the crowd" - Kurt Smyth, Smyth Financial Services

"For us, Saropa is more about increasing our value to clients" - Michael New, Surveyor Financial Services

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