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Saropa’s Contingency Management Solutions are a suite of services that provides integrated, complex and bespoke functionality for your enterprise

People. Property. Planning.

"These are the sort of service features that help our practice stand-out from the crowd" - Kurt Smyth, Smyth Financial Services

"For us, Saropa is more about increasing our value to clients" - Michael New, Surveyor Financial Services

Did you know that our innovative website tools can also be provided to your clients or members with your business branding and corporate look?

Use Saropa’s website tools to engage and educate your clients on issues important to them without any administrative burden on you or your business.

Our service is suitable to both personal and employer clients. If your business has a dedicated client or member database or a strong affinity relationship with each customer, we can provide services aimed at enhancing your relationship with them and increasing revenue for you.

Sponsor your clients today. Help clients protect what’s precious while learning more about the value of your service.

"Instant connections between stakeholders makes management a breeze - and our clients love the simplicity" - Josh Stedman, UnderCTRL

"Integrating with Saropa allows us to bring world-class communication solutions to our clients" - Kevin Liao, YTML

Solutions for corporate partners

As a market leader in innovative customer-centric engagement systems, Saropa integrates a refreshing range of low complexity products and services designed to increase and enhance your business revenue without competing with core lines.

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Every client and member of our Corporate Partners programme receives our free online web service. Branded to your requirements, our website is designed to be the essential source of truth for important family and business information when they need it most. Accessed from your own website, your website will be a central part of each client’s personal protection plan. Great for you and your clients:

  • An exceptional free service to clients
  • Free website tools and features
  • Enhances your relationship with clients
  • Enhances your brand image
  • Grows and increases client loyalty / retention
  • A great alternative revenue option

Your business will be key in helping your clients better manage and track their home and business affairs and feel more secure about their ability to recover from potential disaster.

Trusted advisers, accountants, service providers and super funds recommend our services to their clients through our Corporate Service Network. These firms know the value of looking after their clients, their customers and their members.

We have a number of packages available to suit your business. Our Starter Package is free for business owners. Try it now and choose to upgrade later.

The Welcome Kit contains information, content and templates that will help you market the Saropa solution to your clients and ensure you are following appropriate compliance guidelines. The kit contains:

  • Getting Started Checklist
  • Referral Kit (do’s and don’ts)
  • Adviser FAQ’s
  • Client brochures and flyers
  • Sample direct mail invitation
  • Sample email invitation
  • Sample marketing content
  • Electronic copies of all marketing material

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Saropa Product Suite

Home Essentials

  • Family protection 24/7 - at home or when away
  • Check insurance coverage and prove ownership
  • Lifestyle Recovery Planning system for households

Business Essentials

  • DRP and BCP - in the office or the field
  • Layered management and accessibility
  • Safeguard intellectual assets

Life Essentials

  • Easy setup process using built-in wizards
  • Manage contracts, websites and financial details
  • Accurately and fully record personal situations

Travel Essentials

  • Protect personal and business trips around the world
  • Conference planner and itinerary management
  • Reservation safeguarding and budget monitoring

Sales Fibr

  • Capture sales inquiries and respond in real-time
  • Open new channels to clients and suppliers
  • Interactive contact pages and answering service

Project Fibr

  • Interactive feedback for complex projects
  • Track detailed input from stakeholders
  • Vote for and prioritise requirements

Counsel Fibr

  • Secure interactive service for consultants
  • Public, group and private discussions
  • Session scheduling, surveys and research

Property Fibr

  • Receive work requests and in real-time
  • Safe channels between staff, tenants, committees and suppliers
  • Vote, prioritise and authorise work requests

More features

More information and additional features are available to all Saropa account holders.

Saropa is the private crisis community for you and the people you trust. With powerful, practical and straightforward features, it is your place to start when things in life go wrong.

Always free for individuals, small businesses & non‑profits - with paid premium features when you're ready, and commercial options for larger organizations.

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