Business Essentials (Corporate)

How would your business recover from a crisis if it happened TODAY?

Every year most businesses experience serious incidents that prevent it from continuing normal operations.

This can happen on any day, and at any time.

Potential incidents may be natural or artificial, from power outages and water damage, through to computer malfunctions and malicious acts.

In a crisis, at the office or off-site, would you and key staff be able to quickly:

  • Contact staff, suppliers and clients?
  • Access insurance policy details and emergency numbers?
  • Identify equipment, vehicles and stock?
  • Retrieve plans for emergencies, pandemics and business succession?
  • Manage critical activities to keep your business running smoothly?

As a business owner, your responsibility is to reduce both the risk and impact should the worst occur.

Business Essentials, from Saropa©, is a crisis management website with both a fast & simple design for those with limited computer literacy and powerful features for the detail minded.

Business Essentials keeps your business connected to critical information.

Click on the pictures above to view screens recorded live.

Business Essentials provides the ultimate source-of- truth for essential business information when you need it most, with:

  • Staff, client and supply chain contacts
  • Insurance and asset tracking
  • Emergency filing cabinet
  • Business continuity scheduler

Your Business Essentials account is easy to setup and maintain, is available 24x7, comes with 25 read-only staff accounts and comprehensive training materials.

Need to Know...

  • Protects your business 24x7 - from the office or away
  • Safeguard business I.P. assets and
  • Manage your business Disaster Recovery Plan

Suitable for...

  • Sole Traders and Small business (SME) owners
  • Shared offices and growing businesses
  • OH&S and Human Resource managers

Business Essentials is your secure website to plan, protect and recover from any disaster or crisis.

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More features

More information and additional features are available to all Saropa account holders.

Saropa is the private crisis community for you and the people you trust. With powerful, practical and straightforward features, it is your place to start when things in life go wrong.

Always free for individuals, small businesses & non‑profits - with paid premium features when you're ready, and commercial options for larger organizations.

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