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This article contains general information about the ‘The Reef’ Vanuatu Zoological and Wildlife Sanctuary
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‘The Reef’ Vanuatu Zoological and Wildlife Sanctuary


The Reef Vanuatu Zoological is a sanctuary and an organization that conserves endangered species of animals, as well as educates and entertains the general public. Turtles, Reptiles, some rare mammals, starfish, and other marine life are some main features of the sanctuary.

Vanuatu is a country island in the South Pacific Ocean. The capital, Port Vila, is also its largest city and center of tourist attractions.

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Narpow Point
Efate, Port Vila, Shéfa

The zoo is a short drive from Port Vila. Follow the ring road for 15 mins and turn right at the big ‘Tamanu Resort’ sign. Follow the road for 34kms and you will see the sign of the Reef.


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Open Hours:

Weekends: 9AM to 4PM

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Local Entry Fees:

Adults 1000vt Kids 500vt Under 5 years free

(Follow updated information on their website or social media accounts)

About “The Reef Vanuatu Zoological”

The organization is a turtle and wildlife sanctuary. Reptiles, mammals, and some rare and endangered species are preserved in The Reef. In the islands of Vanuatu, many exotic species of animals are found. Endangered reptiles, flying fox, turtles, etc. are breeding at the reef, visitors can see them and take pictures with these animals. Not only the tour is fun but also it's an opportunity to educate about these species. Furthermore, resorts are also available for staying and enjoying the vicinity of nature. You can also hand feed the turtles and the reptiles.

Turtle Program:

Education and conservation are the two motives of the turtle program at The Reef. 129 out of 300 species of turtle are either vulnerable or endangered. Moreover, most of the turtles don’t reach their breeding age. This organization is working by preserving nature and breeding these animals in a naturally controlled and healthy environment. They pick up the eggs, breed them and after their adequate growth, the turtles are returned to their home. In the meantime, visitors are allowed to visit and feed them. Hawksbill turtles and Green turtles are kept and bred in the sanctuary. Hawksbill turtle is a critically endangered species of the turtles, while the other one is one of the largest turtle species in the world.


19 species of reptiles are only found in Vanuatu i.e. Flowerpoint snake and Fijian banded iguana. Both these species are endangered and only found at The Reef and some other places. The organization breeds these animals and also provides a chance for visitors to see them.

Flying Foxes:

Vanuatu’s largest native mammal is Flying Fox, but it is still endangered and very rarely seen in other parts of the world. The Reef keeps these mammals in captivity for breeding and preserves these species from extinction. The organization does not only save them from extinction by breeding them but also by educating the people about the ecological importance of the species.

Fish and Sea life:

Scuba Diving, snorkeling, watching sea life are some other remarkable features of the place. Many species of fishes, starfish, coral reefs, and other marine life can be seen like never before. Not only the mentioned species but also other animals and birds are there in the sanctuary.

Reviews and Social Media:

People around the globe visit the reef whenever they visit Vanuatu. Reviews and pictures of the animals and people's experiences at the sanctuary are shared on the social media accounts of the organization. With 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor the place is interesting, intriguing and a paradise for nature lovers.

One of the visitors from New Zealand reviews the reef as; “We came here to see the turtles. We were lucky to be the only group there at the time so we had a lady show us around and tell us about all the enclosures. We sat in pools with the baby turtles which was cool and we saw a few bigger turtles. We also got to hold iguanas and some bats. It's not a flash place but it was interesting and not very expensive.”

In another review, a visitor from Australia writes, “The best place to get up close to turtles.” On Instagram, a lot of people from different places have checked in to the reef and many others are interested in visiting the place. On Facebook, events and timings are updated regularly. There are also some reviews by the visitors on Facebook.

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Emergency Services

Learn more about all the important community, government and emergency services here: Vanuatuan Emergency Services.


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