Is your Family Crisis-Ready? (Lifestyle Recovery)

With only moments to think about what to take with you when tragedy occurs, it’s no surprise that most people are unprepared to deal with adversity

Natural disasters are a part of our lives and touch us more often than we’d care to admit.

Whether it is fire, flood or storm, the devastation left behind produces the same sense of loss.

With only moments to think about what to take with you when tragedy occurs, it’s no surprise that most people are unprepared to deal with adversity.

Disasters strike quickly and don’t give you time to collect valuables and documents as you flee from your home.

Have you ever considered the non-financial cost that a major family crisis will have on your lifestyle? The loss or destruction of life-long possessions and its effect on health and wellbeing cannot be overstated.

For millions of Australians the heartache of losing precious memories or belongings turns to devastation when they are unable to prove what they own and the value of their insurance doesn’t measure up to the replacement cost.

Up to 1 out of 4 households experience a home burglary - 50% more in cities!#1 Every year hundreds of thousands of cars are stolen with their contents and up to a third are never recovered#2. Yet alarmingly, very few people have a secure record of all their assets and even fewer are confident that their insurance cover is sufficient.

Unfortunately it’s often not until a claim is experienced that the value of their home and assets is found to be drastically underestimated. This leads to underinsurance and the realization that there can be a wide difference between the insured policy value and the actual recovery cost.

Having accurate proof of ownership and keeping your insurer informed will speed up the claims process and ensure you are correctly reimbursed - with minimal family stress.

If you haven’t recently reviewed your contents insurance, conducted a home audit or created a family archive, then you are at serious risk of being underinsured and under-prepared!

Home Essentials from Saropa is your secure website to plan, protect and recover from any disaster or crisis.

#1. Woolcott Research, NRMA Insurance, 2007

#2. National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, 2010

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