Are your Communications Safeguarded? (Lifestyle Recovery)

It is critical that your business can avoid unplanned communication failures to minimize the impact on company data, revenue and profits, while protecting customer relationships

Critical communication issues constantly affect your business - accidental disclosures, intellectual property loss or theft, grievous acts, infrastructure malfunctions, disputed client interactions - the list is endless.

It is critical that your business can avoid unplanned communication failures to minimize the impact on company data, revenue and profits, while protecting customer relationships.

Every year most businesses experience serious and embarrassing incidents that demand quick recalls or misdirected information. This can happen on any working day, and at any time your business communicates with a customer by phone or email. The potential incidents can be natural or artificial, from computer malfunctions and malicious acts, to accidental disclosures to intentional leaks.

As a business manager, your responsibility is to reduce both the risk and impact should the worst occur. Having a communications plan that includes an Online Communication System (OCS) keeps your business protected from information disasters.

Are your public and confidential business communications secured from accidental disclosure to unintended 3rd parties? Any time you send out information from within your network, by phone, email, fax or web publishing, your company’s reputations is risked should it fall into the wrong hands.

Most organizations are dependent upon the services provided by their client facing staff. This dependence can be an Achilles heel as far as safeguarding communications is concerned. A professional OCS secures your business because it keeps that information within your network at all times, as your stakeholders must connect to you receive information.

Have you ever considered the non-financial cost that a major communication failure will have on your business? The loss or disclosure of important information and its effect on the company reputation cannot be overstated.

It’s often not until a communication disaster is experienced that business communications are found to be drastically under-protected. Only then, business managers identify how little control they have of corporate information and data.

Having a communication platform that captures and protects your interactions allows your internal and external stakeholders to trust their information is always protected.

Security Checklist:

  1. Core Internationalisation (I18n) Framework
  2. Fully configure colour scheme, images and fonts
  3. Remove any Unwanted System Functionality
  4. iPhone (Mobile Device) Versions
  5. Staff Time-sheets (with Service Metrics)
  6. Priority Dashboard
  7. Staff and Client Avatars
  8. Multi-lingual Spelling Dictionaries
  9. Intranet-mode (only for Internal Staff)
  10. Statistical Management Reports and Charts
  11. Service Alert Thresholds (email and SMS)
  12. Physical Location Redirection (IP Range)
  13. Staff Identification (Personal or Generic)
  14. Content Publication to External Sites

Fibr is the ultimate solution for your business to deliver secure communications to your clients, suppliers and staff - where and when you need it most.

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